Smoked Trout Salad

smoked trout salad

This smoked trout salad recipe is one of the easiest ways to turn smoked trout into something to be proud of. I always have a can or two in my pantry so that I can whip this up as a snack or an impromptu appetizer for unexpected visitors.

I always use Trader Joe’s canned smoked trout. It’s priced well, very tasty, and (perhaps most importantly) HAS NO BONES. If you want to use normal, non-canned smoked trout and you have a lot of time on your hands and want to torture yourself by picking through and removing the hair-thin bones, knock yourself out. That’s just not my idea of fun.

smoked trout salad
Preparation Time: 5 minutes
No Cooking
Serves: 2 people


1 3.9-ounce can smoked trout [80 grams], drained

2 tablespoons [20 grams] sour cream

1 tablespoon [1 tablespoon] mayonnaise

1 tablespoon [1 tablespoon] whole grain dijon mustard

1 medium green onions, greens parts only [10 grams], sliced very thinly


Put the smoked trout into a small bowl. Break apart and fluff the trout with a fork.

Add all remaining ingredients and mix well.

Serve with crackers, crusty bread, or blini (my favorite.)

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