Cocktail Biscuit Trio

Cocktail Biscuit Trio

This is just a recommendation for an interesting way to serve biscuits as a light appetizer. It’s a great thing to bring to a potluck, as there is something for everybody and guests won’t get too full tasting these dainty biscuits. Feel free to change anything about the toppings, this is more about variety than any specific ingredient.

Start with the Easy Awesome Biscuits. For the recipe below, I am going to assume you have made the biscuits already. If you can’t find country ham, use the driest “city ham” that you can find, something with a good punch of salt and flavor. Deli honey-ham just isn’t the same.

Cocktail Biscuit Trio
Preparation Time: 10 minutes
No Cooking



Deviled Egg Salad

good quality butter

country ham, thinly sliced

fresh goat cheese

dried prunes, sliced into strips


Split the biscuits and get to building. You can serve them open-faced, like I usually do, or closed to make more of a sandwich. There are no rules, I firmly believe in biscuit self-governance.

Egg Salad –
Put the egg salad on the biscuits. That was easy, huh?

Ham –
Give the cut side of each biscuit half a good swipe of butter, then top with a tuft of country ham.

Goat Cheese and Dried Plum –
Swipe with goat cheese, top with the sliced prunes. See the trend here?

Keep being better at cooking...

Keep being better at cooking...